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[best] way to run PUBG MOBILE at 60 fps in any android

 Run PUBG MOBILE at 60 fps in any android without root or app

        PUBG MOBILE the game which stole the hearts of many gamers and PUBG MOBILE introducing many new features day by day. So the popularity of the game increasing day by day.

        Nowadays the number of pubg users is increasing day by day and everyone does not afford the high specification mobile. PUBG is high graphic game. Everyone want to play PUBG on high settings but somehow they can’t manage to achieve that settings. Some players installing GFX apps to unlock high graphic settings.

        But I found a better option for those who want to play PUBG MOBILE ON HIGH SETTINGS WITHOUT ROOT OR ANY APP. Lets see how can we get it…..Note that I m not responsible for any kind of bad action happen with you!!!!

Steps to get 60 fps in PUBG MOBILE without root or GFX app

  1. Download the file. To download file click here

  2. Copy or cut the file 

  3. Go to Internal storage>

  4. Then go to Android folder>

Android folder

5.Then data folder>
data folder

6.Then go to com.tancent.ig folder>
com.tancent.ig folder

7.Then go to folder files folder>
files folder

8.Then go to UE4Game folder>
UE4Game folder

9.Then go to ShadowTrackerExtra folder>
ShadowTrackerExtra folder

10.Then Again go to ShadowTrackerExtra folder>
ShadowTrackerExtra folder

11.Then go to Saved folder>
Saved folder

12.Then go to Config folder>
Config folder

13.Then Android folder>
Android folder

14.And then paste the file here
android folder files


 Done!!!If you do the above steps correctly which are very easy you will able to play PUBG MOBILE at 60 fps as well as HDR graphic. I recommend to play at low graphics cause it may heat your mobile as processor get too much load.

Note:-This may heat your device and 99% it will not ban your PUBG account

  Enjoy gaming!!!!

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