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Bluetooth Audio lag fix method for android [100% working]

Bluetooth Audio lag fix method in android[100% working]

Okay so you have to search for why your bluetooth headphones sound lagging. You are watching a movie or video the actor speaking something or gaming and you hear it after 1 to 2 seconds late. This is called bluetooth audio lag. No doubt you will get frustrated or angry.

Okay now talk about gamers. Yeah pubg and free fire lover. If you fired in game and you hear it after 2 to 3 seconds. Its ok you will not die but what if there is a enemy firing and you hear it late or if there is a enemy near you and hearing lots of footsteps but you know that sound is delaying by 2 to 3 seconds.

Then you know you surely die no matter how pro you are. Lol it makes you angry definitely. 

Everyone want to buy a cheap wireless bluetooth headphones and want better quality in that headphones. No doubt cheaper headphones may cause lag issue but it does not mean you need to buy an expensive one.

So what do we have to do? It's not as simple as it looking. Basically you have 4 GB of RAM in your phone and you trying to download 2 GB more RAM from google play store

Lol it sounds funny right.

Don't worry i am here to help you with this. We will not download 2 GB of RAM but we will try to get more performance from 4GB of RAM as much as we can means we will try to fix lag issue. No matter how cheap your headphone or your android is. Sounds good yay…

Why Bluetooth audio lag in android?

I know most of the users don't know about why sound delay? Which technologies are used in bluetooth headphones. Lets see some technical thing. Don't worry i will try to explain in a simple way.

Ok so first of all we need to know about bluetooth codec. In simple words its technology type used in bluetooth headphones as well as android smartphone. Usually codec have many types but we will talk about 4 types.


It stands for low-complexity sub-band codec. In simple words its basic codec technology which have 192 to 320 kbps bitrate. Now what is bitrate? You can simply say the speed of audio data received by the headphones.


It stands for Advance Audio Codec. This codec generally used in apple devices. It have 250 kbps of bitrate. Sounds like it is slower than SBC codec right but it's not correct its sound quality is very good


It is developed by qualcomm. It has good speed and audio quality as it has 352 kbps of bitrate and APTX HD has 576 kbps of bitrate. It is most commonly used codec in current smartphones.


This is the fastest and best codec among all codec technology. It has 990 kbps of bitrate.

In simple words if you have APTX or LDAC codec most probably you don't face bluetooth audio lag. But the most important thing is both the headphone and smartphone need the same codec then only it works fine.

So if you understand these things you will get why audio lag in bluetooth headphones for android.

Okay then let's get started. Bring your headphone and smartphone with you!!!!

 Fix audio lag in Bluetooth Headphones for android

(NOTE:-This methods are applicable for earphones also)

Method 1

Lets see which codec used in your android and headphones. To know that follow above steps

1.We need to enable developer options. To do that go to about phone.

2.Click on the build number 5 times to enable the developer option.
About phone poco f1
For Redmi phones
about phone
For stock android users

3.Once you enable developer option. Go into the developer option

4.Scroll down and search for the option called Bluetooth Audio Codec then you will see the list of codec that your device support

Bluetooth audio codec

5.Now lets see Headphones codec. Download the app called A2DP from play store. To download app click here

6.Connect your headphone to your smartphone and open the app and click on check A2DP settings

A2DP app

7.You will see which codec is used in your headphone.

A2DP app

8.Now set the codec in your smartphone which your headphone have it will fix bluetooth audio lag in your android.

Still not working then go for the method 2

Method 2

So first method not work for you. No problem you can go through this method

1.Download the app called BTmono from play store. To download the app click here.

2.Connect your headphone to your smartphone.

3.Open the BTmono app and simply tap on ON button. Let the app work in background

BTmono App

ADDITIONAL TIP:-Just tap on ON button and then again turn it off sometimes it works so you don't need to let the app work in background but if it does not work for you then you must need to let the app to work in background.

4.And your problem is solved. Enjoy movies and games without bluetooth lag.

So you think method 2 is simple and easy to implement. Yes you are right but there are some problems. The stereo audio experience might not work and also the sound quality is also down.

But if you try Additional tip you might fix the stereo audio problem.

So this is the bluetooth audio lag fix methods for android. I tried to explain in simple ways but if you still don't understand you can comment down and ask me the problem and I will try to fix it for you as soon as possible.


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