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Best Upcoming games for android 2021

 Best upcoming games for android 2021

Upcoming games for android
Hello android gamers, So you are here to see which games are going to launch in 2021.Google play store always give you notification or option to pre-register for upcoming games for android but not always. Some Upcoming games for android are high graphic games.

Play store not cover all the games or it may be late to notify you. I'm here to tell you which android games are going to release in 2021. These upcoming android games of 2021 may be delayed to 2022.


Apex Legend Mobile
image credit dotsport.com

I just take this game for 1st position on this upcoming games for android series because this is the most awaited game. This game is so popular on PC and many gamers are waiting for mobile launch. As it is a battle royale game so there will be a good competition to pubg mobile. This game have 3 men squad. The more excitement is for the game graphics so can't wait to launch. May be the game will launch in late 2021 so you need to wait more for this game.

Developers :- EA with EA Respawn Entertainment

Category :- Battle Royale

Pre-Register:- Not available


Image source pokemon.com

Those who are waiting for upcoming games for android and that are pokemon games. Your wait is now over. Nintendo soon going to launch “Pokemon Unite”. It is available on 3 platforms Nintando, ios and android. The best part is it is cross-platform supported. It means you can play with Nintendo switch player by using your android or ios. It is a 5v5 battle game. There are lots of pokemon whose list provided and may be developers will also add some new pokemons and the most important thing is this game is free to download ...So get ready to lost in the pokemon world.
  • Available pokemon list
  • Pikachu
  • Charizard
  • Lucario
  • Blastoise
  • Gengar
  • Snorlax
  • Talonflame
  • Venusaur
  • Machamp
  • Clefable


Category:-Battle arena

Pre-Register here:-Not available

3.Devil may cry mobile

Devil may cry mobile
Image Credit androidauthority.com

Devil May Cry Mobile is an excellent action game that brings the excitement of graphics and gameplay. However it seems like it's gonna be very big in size as its graphics is very good. It's an action and adventure game with an awesome story line. This game is available in 2D and 3D version. It have more than 36 missions to play and the best part is this game is free to download so wait for the release...

developers:-YunChang Game


Pre-Register:-Not available

4.Project Cars Go

Project Cars Go
Image Credit androidauthority.com

This is the new racing car game with high graphics. It is an online game that comes with good controls. It has many customization options for vehicles. After a long time high graphic racing game is coming so excited to play…

Developers:-Mad Studios, GAMEVIL


Pre-Register here:-Not available


Image Credit wweundefeated.com

It is the new fighting game. There is no good wwe fighting game for mobile so expectations from this game is high. WWE UNDEFEATED comes with multiplayer support. Fight with other players and show your skills online. The game comes with many wwe superstar characters so excited to play.


category:-Action, Adventure

Pre-Register:-Play store registration

6 League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift
Image credit dotsports.com

This is the new game from Riot games featuring 5v5 multiplayer battle with good controls as well as graphics. League of Legends Wild Rift which is a new mobile re imagining of the world’s most popular game, League of Legends. The best part it is free to play game with good control options……

Developers:-Riot Games, Inc


Pre-Register:-Play store registration

7.Blade of GOD 2

Blade of GOD 2
Image Credit Uptodown.com

"BLADE OF GOD" 2 is a 3D hardcore action game and the sequel to the original "BLADE OF GOD" series.

Players take on the role of the painful, sad, ordinary, but great heroes of mythology as they venture through the vast and mysterious Norse kingdoms on a journey of redemption, fighting the "sacrificers" who have lost their "destiny".

There are lots of feature of games like you can customize characters, unlock new character skill ,powerful legendary weapons and the best part is this game is free to download and play. Soon it will available to play stay tuned


Category:-Action, Adventure

Pre-Register:-Not available



After pubg mobile ban in india the FAU-G announces its game and attracts many mobile gamer but the game is not battle royale may be and the full details not yet confirmed. So waiting for official announcement from developers. As per some leaks it is a action shooter game comes with great graphics .It may be multiplayer or offline story mode game. I'm so excited for the release

Developers:-nCore Games


Pre-Register:-Play store registration

9.Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal
image credit diabloimmortal.com

Diablo is a very famous gaming series running from the past 23 years. This game is based on the main Diablo Universe. This will be their first game, which they are developing for mobile users. The teasers of this game have shown that the storyline of this game will be like Diablo II and Diablo III.

Developers:-Blizzard Entertainment

Category:-Action, Role play

Pre-Register:-Not available

10.Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight Arena
image source reddit

This game is developed by Nekki. They have also released its teaser video in June of this year and is expected to launch in the next five months. This game is based on the action genre and can be one of the best fighting games.



Pre-Register:-Not available

11.Fall Guys Mobile

Fall Guys Mobile
Image credit sportrush.com

Fall guys game released for pc and ps4 on august 4 2020 and it get famous very early and loved by many gamers. The mobile version may release in 2021 or may be in 2022.The game rights has been secured by chinese company Bilibili for mobile version release. The game will release in china first then may be for the other countries. If this game will release in 2021 then this game will be the best game of 2021

Developer:- Bilibili

Category:-Battle Royale, Multiplayer

Pre-Register:-Not available

12.Just Cause Mobile

Just Cause Mobile
image credit fonearena.com

Just cause is very popular on PC platform. Now it is coming to mobile. Just Cause mobile is entirely free to play. It has 4 distinct game modes, It is Powered by Unreal Engine 4 so the graphics will be very good. It comes with in game voice chatting so the communication gets easier. So this game is also coming to mobile in 2021.

Developer:- Square Enix

Category:-Battle Royale, Multiplayer

Pre-Register:-Not available

So these are the famous and high graphics upcoming games for android in 2021.Its not sure but expected to come in 2021 or may be some games launch in end of 2020.So 2021 is fully pack with some awesome games with awesome graphics. Just wait for them to release or try their beta programs to access the games early. These upcoming games for android 2021 are also available to ios also. So iphone users don't worry.
                                             Happy gaming!!!

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