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Boost android gaming performance 100% result 2021

 Boost android gaming performance 100% result 2021

List of methods/tricks to boost/improve android gaming performance

  1. Overclock your smartphone
  2. Try to play in cold place
  3. Use custom ROMS
  4. Disable/uninstall bloatware apps
  5. Force GPU Rendering
  6. System update
  7. Use game booster apps instead cleaner apps
  8. Factory reset

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So you search this post because your phone is either very old or your phone is new but the processor of your phone is weak and you want to do smooth gaming on that phone. Yes you are at the right place. I have given best tricks with best explanation but note that whenever you buy smartphone always check the processor and ram. This component of your phone matters the most and also to optimize processor and ram usage you need best android OS in your smartphone. No worries if you facing lag or bad performance i will give you best tricks with best explanation and how it will make changes in your gaming performance. So lets get start…

1.Overclock your smartphone

    Overclock is the best method to achieve performance you want. However like all things have their pros and cons. Overclocking may damage your phone not every time if you have knowledge regarding kernels you will well optimize it. This plays big role to improve android gaming and overall performance.

What is overclocking?

In simple words push your phone to its hardest point. Provide more power than usual and force the processor to perform more.

How do you overclock your phone?

 It's easy to overclock your phone. You need to root your phone simply search on internet how to root your phone. After that search custom kernel for your phone like extreme kernel and flash it using custom recovery. All this things you will get on XDA community website or app. This will definitely improve gaming performance of your android smartphone.

2.Try to play in cold place

The temperature of your phone matters. If your phone's temperature is high and you are trying to play high graphic games then you may face frame drops and lag. When the phone's processor temperature increases then the processor performance gets down cause it may damage components of the processor due to overheating.

If you have ever noticed that in winters you get better gaming performance due to low room temperature.

So try to play in AC rooms or turn on fans in your room that may help you to get lag free gaming experience.

3.Use custom ROMS

Sometimes your stock rom of your android not provide that much performance and customization so there are many other ROMS available on internet which is developed by other developers 

What is custom ROM?

In simple words the OS which is developed by other developers than your smartphone company. Sometimes custom ROMs provide more performance and stability than stock ROM(which is default rom provided by company)

How to find Custom ROMS?

The best way to find custom rom is visit XDA community website where lots of developers provide you their custom ROMS. Simply type your android name and model and you will see lots of options.

4.Disable/Uninstall bloatware apps

What are bloatware apps?

The apps which are already installed in your phone by the company which are useless and consumes unnecessary storage and RAM.

How to disable/Uninstall bloatware apps?

Step1:-Simply long press on app and go to app info>

Step2:-disable and force stop of if have uninstall option then uninstall it.

5.Force GPU Rendering

What is GPU Rendering?

The CPU is capable of doing calculations as well as graphical rendering but it may slow down the CPU so after enabling GPU rendering the graphical stuff can be rendered by GPU and then the performance of your Android may get much better than previous.

How Force GPU for rendering?

Step 1 :- Enable Developer option(simply tap on build number in about phone 5 times)

Step 2 :-go to developer option 

Developer option

Step 3:- search for the option called Force GPU Rendering and enable it.

Force GPU Rendering

GPU rendering option not found in Developer option?

Don't get panic. If your android version is android 10 or above you will not see that option in your developer mode.so now what….

Don't worry you have a much better option than that. what is it? lets see now...

Game Driver preference(Only in Android version 10)

Want to see how to set up?

Step 1:-Go to developer options

Developer Option

Step 2:-search for the option called Game driver preference 

Game driver preference

Step 3:-Select it and choose the game app and Select the graphic driver as Game Driver

Select the graphic driver as Game Driver

6.Software update

Always try to update your smartphone to the latest version. It will help to optimize devices and we get better performance as well as battery also.

How to update software?

Just simply go to settings and then go to about phone and search for software update option. If software update is available then download it.

7.Use game booster apps instead cleaner apps

Most of the android users do a common mistake that they install apps called clean master or any cleaner app. They think that app will clean their phone storage but its not worth it to download such apps. Don't use this kind of apps instead use game booster apps which may already available for your smartphone or download it from play store.

8.Factory Reset 

By factory reset your storage get free and junk files will be removed so your android automatically starts performing well and you experience better gaming performance than previous. Also if there is a virus in your mobile it will get clean.

So these are the tricks by using you can boost your android gaming performance. If you have any doubt or question you can ask me in the comment section i will reply each and everyone and try my best to solve your problem.

Note:-Please be careful about overclocking and changing kernel. It may damage your smartphone

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